VentureRocket and Fitrepreneur: a Partnership to Transform the Fitness Industry

We’re proud to announce that we’ve signed a partnership agreement with Fitrepreneur!

Fitrepreneur is the product advisory company within The Fytns Group, which provides capital, services, and advisory to fitness  app, device, and equipment companies.

Founded by Jonathan C. Miller and with 30+ years of experience in creating innovative services and products, Fitrepreneur acts as a startup accelerator, by providing early-stage fitness technology companies with the process and knowledge that require to become market leaders. In addition, Fitness Ventures provides capital to an innovative fitness app, device, and equipment companies.

Fitrepreneur provides early-stage fitness technology companies with everything they need to succeed. The Fitrepreneur Co-Creation and Continuous Innovation Process has a proven track record: Peloton (IPO), Fitstar acqd by Fitbit (acqd by Google), Endomondo acqd by Under Armour Connected Fitness, Fitmob acqd by Classpass, Massive Health acqd by Jawbone, and Virtual Active acqd by Netpulse (acqd by eGYM).

In this collaboration, Fitrepreneur will join our network, by installing and leveraging the VentureRocket white label platform.  In our turn, we’ll provide Fitrepreneur with access to our network members.

We believe that this amazing partnership will help us bring more impact to the fitness industry as well as create more business connections and investment opportunities within our network.

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