VentureRocket: New Version Is Up and Running!

We’re excited to announce a new release of VentureRocket!

Whether you are an Investor, a Startup, or an Ecosystem Member, we want you to fully enjoy your experience with the VentureRocket platform.

Thus, in this version, 2.5.1, we have introduced a brand new feature – Workspaces!

Workspaces: Communicate with Investors and Other Ecosystem Members Even More Effectively!

We want to help you keep your Investors and other Ecosystem Members in the loop.

 From now, White Label Admins and Companies can create digital Workspaces – rooms for interaction with Investors and other Ecosystem Members, like advisors, mentors, judges, service providers, and more. Leveraging your Rooms as a Startup, you can find:

✔The Feed section for both the Company (the Room Owner) and the Room Members to create and publish posts with attached photos or youtube videos.

✔The Repository section where the Admin and the Company can upload necessary documents, and

✔The Members section to see all the Room Members

These features will enable you to share relevant news and communicate with your network members in a more efficient way. 

👉Currently, only White Label Admins can add Members to the Rooms. In the future, we’re planning to enrich this functionality by enabling Companies to create Rooms and add Members there.

We are constantly working to improve our platform, thus more cool features are expected in the future.

To join VentureRocket as a Company (Startup), please, go here.

To join us as an Investor/Ecosystem Member, feel free to register here.

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