Our New Version is Here!

We are proud to announce the release of our new version –  V 2.0.

The main features are:

1. Adding Ecosystem Members roles:

This set of features enables you to add different Ecosystem Members roles (e.g. Service providers, partners, etc.), create a landing page for each one, display them in a directory, and offer all users to contact the Ecosystem Members.

2. Onboarding Configuration:

This feature gives you an easy way to configure the onboarding process of both Companies and Ecosystem Members, i.e. the fields and documents required for each process.

In the table below, you can find the list of the new features.

Console Feature Description
White-label Administrator Block Admins + Hide Company FlowAdministrator can block Company’s admins or hide a Company from investors and other ecosystem members.
Company Edit Flow> Company Edit Flow Administrator can edit Company information
Companies Accreditation Approval flow Redesign
Investor Accreditation Approval Flow Redesign
Create Login and Restore PWD Page Redesign
Members page Administrator can manage Ecosystem Members under Members page. Including:
  1. Table of all Ecosystem Members
  2. Ability to view Ecosystem Member’s profile
  3. Ability to approve/decline Ecosystem Member’s roles
  4. Ability to invite Ecosystem Members to the platform
Company Set Digital Security Offering or Rights Offering Mode per Fundraising If Company Fundraising mode is set to Both token based and equity based, that Company can select Fundraising mode when creating a Fundraising.
Members page Companies can see all Ecosystem Members on the platform. Including:
  1. Ability to view Ecosystem Members detailed landing pages
  2. Ability to Message Ecosystem members
Edit profile Company can edit their profile.
Tagging management Each Company can set their tags when creating a profile, or when later revisiting a profile.
Ecosystem Member Configuration
  1. Translations will be managed per white label. Any change one white label makes will not affect other white labels.
  2. Roles and their profiles can be configured per white label.
Merge Companies and Fundraisings Companies and Fundraisings pages are merged into one page Market (Companies) for a better user experience.
Message Ecosystem Members can message companies and other Ecosystem Members.
Support Ecosystem Members can send support inquiries to the Administrator of the white label.
Landing page Ecosystem members can see all other Ecosystem members on the platform. Includes:
  1. Ability to view Ecosystem Members detailed landing pages
  2. Ability to Message Ecosystem Members
Profile page and edit
  1. Ecosystem Member can see their own public profile.
  2. Ecosystem Members can edit their profile data.
Onboarding Improved onboarding in order to include all Ecosystem Member roles.
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