VentureRocket for Universities: VentureRocket Partners with THNQ Global Corp.!

We’re happy to announce VentureRocket for university incubators and student entrepreneurs. 

In close cooperation with THNQ Global Corp., we are working on the implementation of the package focused on young entrepreneurs aspiring to build their startups.

The VentureRocket For Universities package will cover:

-dedicated entrepreneur programs to help entrepreneurs develop their entrepreneur DNA, collaborate, and collide with other entrepreneurs and mentors,

-a digital infrastructure to support a startup community in a university or municipal economy through online collaboration rooms, events, workshops, registrations, etc.,

-a marketplace for regional programs, mentoring, and peer-to-peer encouragement,

-a digital badging/micro-credentialling system to show recognition, support, and motivate entrepreneurs through their journey,

-global mentors and experts to share experience and wisdom with entrepreneurs,

-a set of tools and methodologies to teach and guide the entrepreneurs on their journey,

-and much more.

What’s THNQ?

THNQ Global Corp. is a parent company for Colin Christensen to bring to life his passions for entrepreneurship. As a founder of several businesses and experiencing the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, he serves as an Entrepreneur In Residence for MacEwan University, launched a do-it-yourself online program and book for entrepreneurs and mentors called The Entrepreneur Roadmap, founded and operates an Accelerator called Fuse42 focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals, and is himself a social entrepreneur as a co-founder of LendHOPE, a crowdfunding micro-lending platform aimed to end poverty, and expanding rapidly this year.

VentureRocket For Universities is planned to be launched soon. 

We believe that this program will be key in supporting universities to help those looking to discover and improve their entrepreneur journey, connecting with peers and business experts to boost their network, and creating better opportunities to attract investors.

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