VentureRocket and Malta Enterprise Officially Launch VentureRocket Malta!

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Malta Enterprise to launch VentureRocket Malta – a cooperation that aims to introduce innovative startups to Malta and assist them in their growth journey.

Malta Enterprise is Malta’s national economic development organization that works to attract foreign startups to Malta and the European Union.

Headed by Kurt Farrugia, the organization develops support plans to help the founders build and grow their businesses in Malta, creates proper conditions for foreign investments from over 60 countries, organizes visiting business delegations, and more.

 In this cooperation, VentureRocket Malta will scout for innovative startups and companies both locally and globally, plan their introduction to the Maltese ecosystem, aid them using Malta government grants and support plans, and together with Malta Enterprise, build a special case by case growth plan for them.“At VentureRocket, we see great potential in entering the Maltese market.

Currently, it includes more than 250 tech startups from different industries, and due to Malta’s great strategic location, strong human capital opportunities, and a friendly lifestyle, it creates favorable conditions for startup scouting and finding great investment opportunities in the region”, – says Asaf Yosifov, the CEO at VentureRocket.

We strongly believe that VentureRocket Malta is a great way for startups to grow, enjoy the support of both private and governmental resources, and get access to the Maltese and European Union markets.

To explore your opportunities with VentureRocket Malta, please, go here.

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