VentureRocket Malta is a cooperation between VentureRocket and Malta Enterprise – the country’s economic development agency. VentureRocket Malta acts as a gate for startups to enter the Maltese and EU markets and enjoy various benefits from Malta’s government.

Malta Enterprise is the contact point for the companies based in Malta to develop connections with investors and economic key players in over 60 other countries. As its main activities, the organization develops support plans to create favorable conditions for the founders to build and grow their businesses in Malta, facilitates foreign investments, organizes visiting business delegations, and more.

VentureRocket Malta aims at scouting innovative startups and companies both locally and globally to help them plan their introduction to the Maltese ecosystem as well as boosting them, by giving them access to Malta government grants and support programs. The VentureRocket Malta team will also help Maltese startups accelerate their development, by building a special case-by-case growth plan for each of them.

“We are excited to partner with VentureRocket for bringing more opportunities to Malta-based startups and help them realize their full potential, by supporting them with amazing ecosystem building services from VentureRocket. We are also confident that VentureRocket Malta can be a great way for global start-ups to get access and grow in the Maltese and the European Union markets,” – says Malta Enterprise CEO, Kurt Farrugia.