Fuse42 is a Canada-based accelerator program that helps entrepreneurs build and grow their startups – from understanding their business ideas, educating their teams, and improving their products to pitching the right investors.

 Headed by Colin Christensen, who’s got 20 years of experience in building ventures, the company aims at helping inexperienced entrepreneurs successfully grow their businesses at all stages of their development, this way attracting investors and creating more investment opportunities globally.

To help them create better quality products and become more investable, the accelerator assists hundreds of companies with various venture-building and acceleration services, like market validation (evaluating the market the startup operates in), product development (giving the necessary tools and programming resources to build the product), team educating, and assistance in approaching investors.

With this in mind, Fuse42 organizes educational and networking events  as well as courses for entrepreneurs, gives access to its network of highly experienced mentors and industry experts, guides startups through their journey, and introduces founders to potential investors.

Taking into account the company’s  proven experience in building venture businesses, we are developing together the VentureRocket solution for educational institutions, by integrating entrepreneurial courses, programs, and a vast network of mentors provided by Fuse42 into VentureRocket.