VentureRocket for Educational Institutions

Designed with student entrepreneurs in mind, VentureRocket for Educational Institutions is a great way to grow university and incubator communities and help them educate the founders of potentially successful startups.

We offer a digital environment where entrepreneurs can learn how to build a startup, by leveraging the platform’s powerful capabilities.

Online Collaboration Rooms, Events, Workshops, and Registrations

Here, you can interact with other founders and mentors to get useful knowledge and upgrade your entrepreneurial skills.

Assignment-Based Entrepreneurial Programs

Complete tasks to get the skills needed for building your startup.

A Set of Management Tools

Enter intuitive and easy-to-use tools to make your entrepreneur journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Online Mentoring

Collaborate with mentors and industry experts to boost your personal and professional skills.

A Large Network of Founders

Connect with other founders to communicate, cooperate, and share your success with.


Enter our global marketplace for regional programs, mentoring, and peer-to-peer encouragement.