VentureRocket Innovation Organizations

VentureRocket for Innovation Organizations is a solution that targets innovation companies, accelerators, incubators, VC firms, hubs, and more. We offer a digital place to smoothly organize and manage your investor-startup ecosystem.

Help investors find an interesting innovation project, enable your startups to raise capital, and let them collaborate with other ecosystem members to extend their network and bring value to each other.


Connect with investors, raise funds, spread a word about your project, communicate with other startups, and collaborate with industry experts and mentors.

Investors and VC firms

Find interesting startups and invest in them, reach out and talk with other investors, and cooperate with industry experts and service providers to boost your portfolio startups.

Advisors, Mentors, Judges, and other Service Providers

Consult startups and investors, exchange knowledge and experience with other ecosystem members, and work together to build successful projects.

Accelerators, Incubators, and Hubs

Extend your network of startups and investors, interact with other ecosystem members, promote your programs, etc.