SanPete Financial Group Joins VentureRocket!

We are happy to announce our new collaboration with SPFG!

SanPete Financial Group is a Venture Capital firm that brings investors and founders together to create investment opportunities as well as helps founders grow, by offering capital raising opportunities and business acceleration services.

With this in mind, SanPete offers its VC platform that gives access to its huge network of startup founders and investors to connect with.

For investors, the company onboards potential founders to the platform through workshops, events, and face to face meetings. For founders, SPFG onboards angel investors, private equity firms, family wealth, and corporate VCs. Moreover, by allocating on-site staff, SPFG assists companies seeking to start, grow, and expand, by preparing them for pitching investors,  helping determine if the project fulfills the requested criteria of the Investors’ portfolio, providing business development mentoring and cutting edge research services, giving them access to various virtual events/conferences and DIY Courses, etc. For this purpose, the company has launched an Innovation Accelerator Hub that teaches and provides funding for startups in different business development phases, focusing on women and minorities that deal with worldwide issues of access to venture capital, high-level business design, and execution.

In this partnership, SPFG will leverage the VentureRocket platform, receiving access to our network of startups and investors. As a part of our ecosystem, SPFG will help our network members approach investors/find startups, grow their businesses, and more.

To join the SPFG platform, please, press here.

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