Opening Kazakhstan to the VentureRocket Network: VentureRocket Sets Up a Joint Venture with AIFC Fintech!

We are more than proud to share that VentureRocket has signed a strategic partnership with the government company of Kazakhstan – AIFC Fintech.

Astana International Financial Centre is a financial hub supported by the Kazakh government that aims to attract startups from all over the world, by connecting entrepreneurs with international investors and industry experts and supporting them with local incentives.

Covering 560+ companies from different industries, like asset management, private banking, green finance, fintech, etc., Astana International Financial Centre aims to connect the economies of Central Asia, the Caucasus, EAEU, West China, Mongolia, the Middle East, and Europe.

AIFC Fintech is a point of integration between innovation and new ideas with a view to promoting economic development in Central Asia. Our mission is to bring together key participants in the financial technologies ecosystem, international partners, experts, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and technology projects to stimulate the development of financial technologies.

At VentureRocket, we believe this partnership will help us enable our network members to open the world’s various markets, enjoy great benefits provided by the partner of Kazakhstan, and bring more investment opportunities to them.

To explore your opportunities from AIFC Fintech, please, click here.

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